About Us

Currier Construction, Inc (CCI) is recognized as a leading contractor in Arizona for design, construction, upgrades and repairs of water and wastewater treatment facilities, including recharge wells, water reservoirs, booster pump stations, sewer lift stations, groundwater recharge/reuse facilities, arsenic treatment, water canals and conveyance systems. Founded in 1992 by Mr. Scott Currier, CCI is a multi-disciplinary engineering construction company. CCI has successfully maintained its reputation as a trusted contractor by guaranteeing clients are provided the team that best fits the project’s needs and continually striving for alternative opportunities to provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

One of our strengths is possessing the resources and ability to self-perform our own earthwork, concrete, civil, and mechanical work. This approach allows us to better control construction schedules. By typically self-performing over 60 percent of the work, we save time and money for project owners by ensuring a strong emphasis on jobsite safety and maintaining a consistently high level of quality on all aspects of a project. Providing quality work, completing it on time and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved is the basis of our company’s culture and philosophy.

CCI has also been the recipient of SCF's Best of the Best Safety Award for 2008, 2009, 2010.