Bagdad Primary Pit Dewatering

Project Owner:

Freeport-McMoRan Corporation

January 2010
Bagdad, AZ

Bagdad Pit Dewatering Bagdad Pit Dewatering Bagdad Pit Dewatering

Project Description

FMI operate an open-pit, surface periphery copper mine located in West Central Arizona. The open-pit mine includes a small pond in the pit bottom that collects water that enters the pit. This is the lowest pump station in the system used for dewatering the pit. The Hazleton 480V, 180 hp motor barge pump and the Staley 480V 360 hp shore mounted pumps were designed to replace existing diesel pumps. Work included a unit substation which included a primary breaker, transformer and motor control center. The piping included 18" and 12" HDPE pipe lines and a stainless steel header.