City of Douglas Job Order Contracting

Project Owner:
City of Douglas
August 2010
Douglas, AZ


Project Description

Currier Construction Inc. was selected by the City of Douglas as the Design/Build Job Order Contractor to comply with the ADEQ Consent Order received by the City of Douglas December 2, 2008.

The scope of work included:
- Install a new headwork’s channel, bar screen, bypass channel, influent intercept structure for the three (3) incoming flows, new grit (vortex) chamber, and classifier combined with stair screen, and influent flow meter.

- Upgrade of the existing piping for the existing and new wastewater treatment processes to meet a minimum flow capacity.

Installation of a permanent sludge dewatering and disposal mechanism, including a Belt Press, Polymer Feed System, WAS Pump Station, and a new re-use plant water system to minimize the need for potable water.

- Addition of a new chlorination and de-chlorination gas system with component standardization (cl2&so2), provide closed loop controls with flow pacing, and residual analyzing on a new chlorine contact chamber.

- Existing trickling filter, chlorine contact chamber, old pump house, and secondary clarifier will be demolished to comply with ADEQ closure requirements, treatment units that are abandoned shall be taken out of service.