City of Goodyear Corgett Wash Job Order Contract

Project Owner:
City of Goodyear
January 2009

Goodyear Corgett Wash Goodyear Corgett Wash

Project Description

A diverse list of individual projects included: replacement of the Clarifier drive unit, rake arm and skimmer arm. CCI worked closely with plant staff bypassing the flows coming into the headworks and temporarily directing them to a holding pond, as well as draining down the clarifier so that CCI’s personnel could perform mechanical repairs. All of this was done in less than 24 hours and the plant was put back in normal operation. Other tasks that CCI performed included the replacement of the plants IMLR pumps, trouble shooting the blower control cabinet, replacement of the PLC with a new updated system and the replacement of the dissolved oxygen sensors. Outside the plant CCI helped the City solve one of its collection issues by reworking several manholes and installing alarmed covers that send a signal alerting staff that the liquid had reached a critical level.