Lift Station 8 & 9 Rehabilitation

Project Owner:
City of Scottsdale
August 2009
Scottsdale, AZ

Lift Station 9 Lift Station 9 Lift Station 9

Project Description


New Lift Stations #8 & #9 included a complete relocation of the existing lift stations in the Troon Village HOA. 

Scope of work included installation of the WEMCO pre-rotation basin pumps that uniquely provide the hybrid characteristics of a screw impellar centrifugal pump and provided pumping characteristics of a positive displacement pump.  This virtually zero-maintenance lift station provides homeowners in the Glenwood Estates neighborhood a level of privacy through minimal service calls.  The project allowed for a new wet well, pipe, valves and fittings, new backup power generation, SCADA, flow bypass, coatings, an upgraded the low voltage electrical system as well as landscape, hardscape, and pertinent site work.