Pima Effluent Recharge Wells 1, 2, & 4

Project Owner:
Robson Communities
February 1998
Pima, AZ

Project Description


The project consisted of three recharge wells located along the golf courses within the Sun Lakes Community. Each well was approximately 60’ deep, allowing for effluent water to be pumped back into the upper aquifer. The system utilized hydraulic VFV vales that could be opened and closed from the surface allowing either the flow of water to move in either direction by aid of a submersible pump mounted below each of the VFV valves. The purpose for this was to be able to back flush the well periodically as the aquifer would begin to plug, much like back flushing a sand filter. The backwash water was then pumped into the golf courses holding ponds and used for irrigation water. All of the associated piping was contained below ground in vaults to minimize the esthetics. The systems capacity is 2.4 MGD.