SR 85 Landfill and Flare Station

Project Owner:
City of Phoenix
September 2007

SR 85 landfill SR 85 landfill SR 85 landfill

Project Description

The City of Phoenix required the installation of a gas collection system to dispose of the methane gas that is collected from the SR 85 land fill.  The scope of work included;  15,000’ of 12” and 24” HDPE pipe line with collection piping manifolds/vaults/condensate sumps, reinforced concrete pads, chainlink fencing, compressor/condensate injection system, condensate holding tank with secondary containment, steel shade structure, 42 MM Btu/hr flare stack, relocate owner supplied 18 MM Btu/hr flare stack, all interconnecting pipe valves and fittings to connect the system and complete electrical installation that included a Service entrance section, distribution panels, transformer, area lighting, grounding, level control and an auto dialer.