Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Environmentally sound sewer treatment is a specialty CCI has mastered over the past 25 years. With the introduction of Federal and State Environmental Protection Agency laws, CCI has developed programs to design and construct wastewater treatments systems. Our company professionals combined with a sound design consulting team provide agency compliant, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive answers to sewer collection and treatment. Whether the project has treatment requirements ranging from 10 million gallons per day to 50,000 gallons per day, CCI has a cost effective and environmentally sound solution. We also specialize in solving your sludge treatment problems by converting sludge to solids meeting EPA standards for disposal in landfills or ground application methods. CCI can provide treatment solutions ranging from belt press, settling beds to centrifuge methods.

Amangiri Corix control panels
Amangiri Wastewater Treatment Plant
Northern Gila Sanitary District

Sewage Lift Stations

Sewer collection and pumping is a primary component related to efficient wastewater treatment. CCI provides reliable and simple solutions for pumping sewage to wastewater treatment facilities using the highest quality and cost efficient sewage lift stations.

Lift Station 9
City of Scottsdale Lift Station 8 & 9
Lift Station 51
City of Phoenix Lift Station 51

Reclaimed to Groundwater Recharge

95% of raw sewage is converted to valuable reclaimed water (AKA Plant Effluent) during the treatment process. CCI and our team of professionals can provide methods to inject purified plant effluent back in the water table for re-use as potable water with recharge and recovery wells.

Transportable Wastewater Treatment Plants

CCI has pioneered and designed a method to defer initial capitalization costs normally associated with the early stages of WWTP operation. Project capital costs can be reduced by 50 – 75% utilizing our in-house design of transportable treatment plants ranging from 50,000 gallons per day to 500,000 gallons per day.