Water Reservoirs

CCI is recognized as an industry leader in the design and construction of concrete and steel water reservoirs. Client satisfaction in selection of the proper reservoir application is a strength CCI provides in determining a project cost model. Recognition of site applications in environmentally sensitivity areas is a commitment of the company. CCI constructs buried and above ground structures in both concrete and steel applications.

sabino estates
Sabino Estates

Carefree Water Reservoir
Carefree Water Reservoir

Booster Pump Stations

Selecting the proper pumping design and construction methodology is a specialty CCI offers to our clients. Whether it is a vertical turbine pump in a wet-well environment or a split-case end-suction centrifugal pump application, we can provide accurate cost modeling data, constructability studies and design detail to assist with the important pumping system selection process.

City of Scottsdale Pump Staion 131
City of Scottsdale Pump Station 131

City of Phoenix 1-B4  Booster Pump Station
City of Phoenix 1-B4 Booster Pump Station


Well water pumping systems provide the essential product to support water reservoirs and booster pump stations. Without proper site selection, groundwater hydrology reports, pump and motor equipping, the design and installation the complete water supply and transmission system is set up for failure. CCI’s professional team of in-house staff combined with our consulting staff of groundwater hydrologists provide clients with a top of the line water well pumping system.

well site 296
Well Site 296

Phoenix Well Site 288 289
Phoenix Well Site 288 289

Water Treatment Plants

CCI’s experience cleaning and purifying both surface water and ground water has given our company the reputation as one of the leading specialty contractors in our industry. CCI offers our customers preferred and cost effective methods for water treatment including arsenic, fluoride, brine or fecal chloroform removal methods in capacities ranging from 30 million gallons per day to transportable and fixed structure systems producing 50,000 gallons per day.

Central Ground Treatment Facility

Site 7
Site 7 Arsenic Treatment Facility