Central Groundwater Treatment Facility (CGTF)

Project Owner:
City of Scottsdale
August 2007
Scottsdale, AZ


Project Description

The CGTF utilizes an air-stripping process that removes TCE from ground water then treats and produces potable water on the average of 9 mgd. This facility allows for the CGTF to sidestream to the SRP Canal system or the City of Scottsdale Booster Station 80 and the existing 5mg reservoirs (2 each) buried under the Pima Park in South Scottsdale. The primary objective of the CGTF project was to rehabilitate the "Jaeger" media spheres that removes the TCE and other trace metals from the water found in the southern neighborhood wells as well as increase the capacity to 13.5 mgd. Since the raw water from the well field is hard and high in minerals, the media becomes calcified and clogged with mineral deposits. The existing air stripping columns were completely rehabilitated, using traditional hand pneumatic tool methods to clean all three towers and repack the columns with new Jaeger. The towers were then modified for acid cleaning maintenance and new blowers were installed. CCI also implemented new VFD and motor operated valves to accommodate the ability to provide redundancy and automatic operations to the new 13.5 mgd capacity.