Heavy & Civil Engineering

Canals and Water Conveyance Systems

CCI is capable of designing and constructing concrete lined canals and open water conveyance systems. Hydraulic conveyance through open water channels includes turn-out structures, metering structures, flow diversion structures and lift pumping structures. Our team of professionals will provide the experience needed for agricultural applications or a municipal water conveyance systems.

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CCI provides the Arizona mining industry with multiple services including wastewater treatment systems, water treatment systems, pumping plants, and water wells. Mining operations are constantly looking for infrastructure installations for industrial mining support. From design-build, turn-key applications to infrastructure construction projects, CCI has the MSHA-qualified personnel to perform to our client's expectations.

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Landfill Gas Vapor Extraction Systems

CCI's team is experienced in landfill methane gas vapor extraction design and construction. Whether the client needs an environmental gas extraction and flare system or a methane gas recovery co-gen system, CCI is capable of providing our clients with the best solution and the right application.

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CCI self-performs in-house concrete operations. Our experience extends to providing our clients with concrete bridge and box culvert river and arroyo crossings. Our team of professionals are capable of providing design-build solutions for private developers, industrial applications or municipal installations.