City of Phoenix Well Site 296

Project Owner:
City of Phoenix
Sept 2005
Phoenix, AZ

well site 296 well site 296

Project Description

Well 296 is a water source at 56th Street and Mayo Clinic in North Phoenix. The Site included a security fence (CMU) and automated rolling gates for keypad station entrances. The well provides 1400gpm from a deep set vertical turbine well pump on a soft start for the 500hp motor. The well site has a sodium hypochlorite chlorine generation system by ClorTec, and retention facility for purge and rinsing of the well water. Future provisions for arsenic and radon facilities were provided in the underground utility. Primary power was brought in from the APS grid north of the site requiring jacking and boring of the primary looped transformer. In addition, sewer and water line tie-in locations were done in the four-lane 56th street corridor in front of American Express Card Service Center and the Mayo Clinic.