Treatment Facilities

Having specialized in environmentally sound wastewater treatment facilities for the past 30 years, Currier is able to provide agency compliant, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive answers to wastewater treatment collection and pumping. Currier builds projects ranging from 10 million gallons a day to 50,000 gal/day. We are able to convert sludge to solids that meet EPA standards for disposal in landfills or ground application methods. We also provide the experience to build treatment solutions such as belt press, settling beds, or centrifuge method of sludge thickening and solids handling.

Sewage Lift Stations

Currier provides reliable, simple, cost efficient methods to pump sewage to wastewater treatment facilities. We construct the highest quality and most cost efficient sewage lift stations available to the municipal and private wastewater collection markets.

Reclaimed Water Facilities

95% of raw sewage is converted to reclaimed water (plant effluent) during treatment. We provide methods to inject purified plant effluent back into the water table to be re-used as potable water.